About DHAA

Welcome to Don’t Half Ass Anything TM. We are a start up platform that’s mission is to inspire individuals to do their best; day in and day out, no matter what the circumstances are. No matter what you do, where you go, or who you love, Don’t Half Ass Anything.


Every one of our products is created to be high quality, comfortable, and stylish so that our customers can make the most out of every day. Whether you’re planning to have a more casual day off, or pushing yourself to the limits, this is your brand. Furthermore, during our travels to build this company, mountains and sunsets have always been two timeless sources of inspiration for us and that is what we wanted to capture and share with our customers. The beauty of the world is all around you everyday if you are willing to look for it. So naturally we incorporated that into our "Don’t Half Ass Anything Daily Outerwear and Accessories." Enjoy!


Here at Don’t Half Ass Anything, we say yes to adventure. Some of the greatest discoveries and memories are on the other side of the unknown. Building this business has been an endless adventure. From bringing a novelty gift to market, building our platform for other businesses to share their voice, expanding our product line, traveling across the country in an RV, creating content, and climbing Yosemite’s iconic Half Dome, adventure is at the very core of our existence. It is our goal to share our adventurous experiences authentically and inspire others to take a chance on an adventure or dream.

Our Blogs

As a small business ourselves, we felt very strongly about how unfortunate the circumstances had become for so many small businesses around the country this past year. To dream up, plan, and execute any creative or business endeavor involves zero half assing. Thus, it was painful to witness so many small businesses and other potentially valuable projects, falling apart. It has taken everything we have to stay in business. With that being said, we wanted to do our part to help others in need. We feel blessed that our platform has the opportunity to give people, artists, and businesses a voice.


Above all, we value inspiration and a commitment to the process. However, amidst the hard work, goal setting, organized planning, execution, and commitment to our customers and community, we value bringing a sense of humor and lightness to everything we do. A smile or laugh is more valuable than anything you can buy. All of our content creation is made with the hope that we could have potentially made someone's day at zero cost.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about our company and as always, Don’t Half Ass Anything.