Scott Hall: Comedian/Host of The Scott Hall Show

Scott Hall: Comedian/Host of The Scott Hall Show

Tell us about yourself

I am a standup comic based in DC. I’ve been doing that for a few years now with a podcast I’ve been doing even longer. I have a twin brother that I was separated from at birth, I am adopted, I have been homeless, in jail, as well as turned down a 6 figure salary to return to bartending while pursuing comedy/podcasting.

 When did you start the podcast and what made you fall in love with it?

About 4 years ago. I had just left a restaurant management job and had an offer from another. I was also ending a drug addiction while managing an alcohol addiction (both of which I’ve since overcome) and I was very unhappy. I had always wanted to try comedy and podcasting, but never thought it was a feasible goal. Sitting at home and not wanting to return to headaches of management I sat down and recorded an “episode”  put it on Soundcloud and that was it. After that, I returned to bartending and recorded with anyone I could. While interviewing any friend that would agree to it, I realized that I genuinely love learning about people. Everyone has a unique story that is unlike anyone else's and it’s a beautiful thing to be able to explore that with them. 

 Tell us about your Podcast.

My Podcast officially started as a way for me to explore my thoughts and feelings about success and failure. It has since evolved into a show where I interview people from all walks of life while always exploring the emotions and feelings behind the decisions we make and the way we feel. I like to highlight extraordinary people or people that live outside of what we would consider normal. I’ve had guests like Daryl Davis (JRE), Tanner Boser (UFC), Hartley Erickson (Don't Half Ass Anything), as well as numerous standup comedians. 

 What's the main lesson you’ve learned since launching your channel? 

Since starting the podcast I think that I’ve learned so much that I may have even forgotten some of the things I learned. I learned about the similarities you probably have with people you’d be sure you disagree with. I learned that YouTube can teach you anything if you look hard enough. I learned that most people have a story that's different than what you’d assume. I learned you can do things for yourself, you never thought possible if you’re willing to commit. I think most of all I learned to listen more than speak. 


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