Never Half-Ass Two Things--Whole Ass One Thing

Never Half-Ass Two Things--Whole Ass One Thing

"Don't half-ass anything-- whole-ass one thing."

Well, we all have heard this many times. It simply means to put your heart and soul into one thing rather than finding ways to deal with multiple things, simultaneously. In another context, it means to have a "goal", an "aim", a "reason" to live, a mission and a vision for life that is achievable. You can call it a SMART goal.

S: Specific
M: Measurable
A: Attainable
R: Realistic
T: Time-Bound.

I am a 22-year old food technologist. I don't know if my story is interesting or not, but it has something to motivate you. So, let us start from where did I begin my journey to make a whole ass effort rather than half-assing.

So, When I got admitted to my university, I was not happy because I wanted to become a doctor. Unfortunately, due to my fate, I couldn't get a chance to become one.

Sadly, I switched to another field. Still, I had an opportunity to retake my medical college entrance exam. I could've wasted a year, but my parents asked me not to waste the year but to enroll myself in a degree program. I had no other option so, I convinced my parents that I would retake my exam while continuing my studies at the university. They agreed, somehow. I was
preparing for the entrance exam and also pursuing my studies at university.

One day, I had a test at my university, and same-day my entrance exam was scheduled. I was in a total mess. I was very nervous because I was taking a big risk of attempting the test again, knowing that making to the admission is a real tough job. Also, I had a test that was also important for my current degree program. I had no other way. So, I prepared for both exams.

I attempted both the exams. When the result was announced, I got to know that I didn't get good marks in my university test neither I got admission in medical college. I was utterly shattered. My future was at stake. After a few days of mourning at this loss. One night, I still remember that I took a deep breath; calm myself down, closed my eyes and tried to figure out where did I miss it? After a few hours of questioning myself, I heard my inner voice that said, "You're half-assing it."

That was the moment of realization. Yes, I was half-assing it. I was trying to pass medical college admissions and also struggling to maintain good grades in the university. That is what I did. That was wrong. I shouldn't have done that. I was thinking that I am putting up my best efforts, but no I was dividing it with my university. I was half-assing.

At that time, I had to take another risk to retake the exam and wasting my year. That seems a complete stupidity to me. Because again, there was no surety that I will make it to admissions.

I realized that I am enrolled in a reputable university. I have an opportunity in my hands. The degree program is not that bad. I didn't love that, but neither hated. That was the moment I decided to complete my degree with flying colours. I let go of the thought to become a doctor.

I set my goal to become what I can, back then. Initial time was tough, and I faced difficulties in dealing with many things. I had to deal with such subjects I was terrible at. But, I put my heart and soul and made whole ass efforts. I did everything to achieve my goal. I was poor at mathematics. I practised it daily. Meanwhile, I completely let go of my social life, as well. I didn't
attend many gatherings or family functions. People criticized me a lot for that. But, I didn't give an ear to them. I kept on struggling to overcome my flaws. I worked on myself. Finally, I passed my exams and achieved the highest grades.

From that time, its been 3.5 years and I am the topper of my class. Also, an obvious candidate for the gold medal. Well, it is not just about grades; it's about my passion for the goal--the goal to complete my degree with flying colours and become successful in it. That passion leads me to love this field. I didn't mourn over the fact that I am not becoming a doctor. Instead, I made the most out of what I had in my hands at that time.

I've learned a lot in these years. During this learning, there was a point of realization. You must be thinking about what it is?

Well, I feel it was my fate that urges me to chose this field rather than becoming a doctor or attempting to become one. Maybe I couldn't have done this much well what I did in this degree program. Perhaps, I would've become a worse doctor, but now I am into something I am very good at. It is all fate. Combining my decision-making skills with the event of my fate back then, made it happen.

Now, I am on a journey to become a successful person and doing it with all my passion. I am not half-assing it, I am giving my 100%. And that's why I am at this place.

Proud and content. Satisfied and happy. Successful and Visionary.

Right now, I think it is worth it all. I am happy that I chose this way.
I hope this story motivates you to achieve something better with what you've in your hands right now. Maybe you're running behind something that is not meant for you and missing something really important. Perhaps, you're half-assing, and that's why you're failing every time.

I will say that

Never half-ass anything, but also think that if you're half-assing between two things or two jobs which one should you chose and make a whole ass effort to put the ball in the court. It depends upon your decision-making skills, your wit and practicality.

Imagine If I had chosen to retake the exam? What if I failed? I would've lost my current seat, and I would have nothing in my hands. But I chose to pursue my current degree. In this way, I had a chance to make the lemonade out of that lemon life threw at me. In the latter case, I would've lost both opportunities. By choosing the second option, I had the chance to make a whole ass effort to become one successful person in the current field, and I think that I am.

So, always remember

-Set smart goals, and always chose a possible practical way.
-Take calculated risks so that if you lost, you've got a chance to recover.
-Most importantly, Don't half-ass anything—whole ass one thing.