Irma La Dulce ASMR

Irma La Dulce ASMR

What is ASMR?

The first mention describing ASMR started on this online forum titled: “Weird sensation feels good” back in October of 2007. People were sharing with each other different things that would trigger this mysterious tingling and buzzing feeling in the back of the head and neck. Back then this mysterious feeling was called “brain orgasms”, although it isn’t related to sex, and is not sexual in nature, in fact just the opposite it’s considered wholesome. A “trigger” refers to things that trigger the feeling of ASMR. It can be: being cared for, being whispered to, someone tracing letters on your palm, getting a haircut, someone explaining something in a soft spoken voice etc.  

In early 2009 there were some videos scattered throughout Youtube featuring whispering. The community started to grow from then on. In 2010, the term was formed by Jennifer Allen, a healthcare manager, who was an active member in the early forums. She founded an ASMR Facebook group & an ASMR research website. She coined the term: Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. “In short, ASMR is a hardwired positive evolutionary response to being taken care of and feeling loved.” [Source: Brain Tingles, Craig richard, PhD] 

When did you discover it and what made you fall in love with it?

There were two points of discovery for me. One is: my earliest memory of experiencing ASMR. I remember I would get triggered whenever my mom would blow dry my hair or cut my hair. When I was a little girl I would tell my sister to trace letters on my back to help me sleep. And I also remember getting ASMR at the school nurse’s office anytime she would examine me. Her soft spoken nature and voice were triggers for me. Old Spanish ladies explaining anything was a trigger, still is! Ha! 

Two is: learning what this tingling buzzy feeling I would get all the time as a child was called. I didn’t realize there were videos of ASMR on youtube that could trigger off these feelings until my boyfriend played some for me in 2018. I was suffering from panic attacks a lot those days because I have PTSD. He shared some videos with me from Gentle Whispering (Maria) I was instantly hooked. It helped relieve my anxiety and put me in a peaceful state for sleep. Some of my top favorite artists are: Articulate Design ASMR, Cap Bailey ASMR, Latte ASMR, Amandinha Freitas, Pelagea ASMR, Gibi ASMR & more! Too many more to list here, a bunch of smaller channels too. I’ve been binging ever since.   

Tell us about your channel.

My Youtube channel is all about ASMR role plays with an emphasis on personal attention. In the ASMR vernacular, role playing is a term used to describe exactly what it sounds like. Pretending to be; your sister doing your makeup, your doctor checking your ears & eyes, your hairstylist cutting your hair, your school teacher, your psychiatrist, anyone & everyone who would be of service to you in a caring and nurturing way. Regardless who I am to you, be it a professional relationship or an intimate one, it’s all about you. Taking care of you and triggering those good feelings to help your relax and fall asleep. 

What's the main lesson you’ve learned since launching your channel? 

Since launching my channel, I’ve learned how much people truly need these types of videos right now. Especially since we are in a pandemic. People haven’t gotten their haircut, or have been to a spa, or in person schooling. These are luxuries that we miss and oftentimes I’ll read that in the comments section. Someone will say, “wow I really miss going to the barbershop, thank you for creating this role play”. I’ve also learned how important “love” is when creating these videos. Love is always the secret ingredient. You can care for someone professionally, right? But when it’s done with love, it’s magical. I create all of my videos with that in mind.


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