Finding Beauty in the World Around You

Finding Beauty in the World Around You

With everything that has gone on the past year, it can be tough at times to see beauty in the world or in this country. However, it is important to find the beauty in life even if you have to do a little searching and we as a company will always do our best to highlight the beauty and positivity for you all so you can approach your life with a level of inspiration that nourishes your ability to not half ass anything. It is when you feel down and out it becomes really easy to say, “screw it” and start half assing it. But not on our watch!

We spent the last few months traveling the United States on our East to West adventure. No matter what the major media heads report, there is no greater truth than what you witness and experience first hand. The more you talk to people who have had completely different backgrounds and upbringings without judgment, the more you are able to empathize and understand that they have valid reasons for their beliefs that may or may not differ from your beliefs.  When you judge someone or approach them with any level of hostility because of their differences with you, the separation of your understanding of each other widens, which creates more room for division and hatred. Of course, I have opinions on many topics. However, the two that will always be unwavering in my heart and soul is that:

1. You should accept all people who’s intentions are based in love, no matter what they’re race, gender, ethnicity, background, sexual preference, or line of work (all inclusivity)

2. You should always do your absolute best. Not for money, greed, or power, but because when you do your best and fully commit to whatever challenge you are facing in the moment or for a span of time, you are able to truly learn what you love or hate and grow as an individual so that you can continue to move towards what you are actually meant to do (don’t half ass anything)

Outside of the incredible people we met on our journey, we also saw a ton of undisputedly beautiful and timeless natural and manmade sights. Leave it to the news to highlight everything that is wrong with our country when there is so much right when you turn off the news and step outside to take in the views. From the cities, small towns, and roads to the waterfalls, lakes, rivers, deserts, plains, canyons, and mountains, this country has so much to offer.

We will continue to share videos, clips, photos, and more from our trip on our website and on our instagram @donthalfassanything. Please feel free to comment below some of your favorite places that you’ve been to in the United States and we will continue to add it to our bucket list itinerary.