About Us

The Ass Plate Guys

The Don’t Half Ass (Plate) Anything Story 

Hartley and Matt’s Asses grew up in Maryland and have known one another since they were five years young. Becoming best friends in Kindergarten after Hartley had accidentally hit Matt in the face with a soccer ball during recess, their friendship soon blossomed into what you folks now see here today; a brotherhood. 

Two fellas committed from a very young age to not half assing anything in life. So it only seems appropriate that the idea of Ass Plates came from Hartley himself, and when he began to express the idea behind Ass Plates to Matt, Matt very quickly responded, “All aboard the Ass Train”. 

The speed bumps of what it takes to bring a product to market, made them realize that the only way to make something a reality is by fully committing to whatever it is you want to do. Fast forward two years and you have the product you see before your eyes today, the first Ethnic/Gender ambiguous Ass Plate. 

Now, Hartley and Matt are dedicated to giving people from all walks of life via laughter and not half assing anything; an unforgettable experience. Cheers!