Welcome to Don't Half Ass Anything

Welcome to Don't Half Ass Anything
On December 17th 2019, Matt and I officially launched our brand Don’t Half Ass Anything. We brought the first-of-its-kind novelty-product to market and let me tell you, there is no amount of books, or classes that could prepare us for the difficulties and realities we faced while building our business. Hundreds of conversations, pitches, meetings, contracts, and closed deals led to 5,000 Ass Plates being sent to a fulfillment center in New Jersey. 1,000 of those Ass Plates were packed into our NYC apartment. Based on the timing of everything we missed the 2019 holiday season. So we held our launch party in the most challenging year of our lifetime: 2020.

On March 15th en route with 400 Ass Plates to host spring break in Panama City Florida, we received live updates that a pandemic was spreading and that all of the bars across the country were being temporarily closed. We could have never dreamt that the bars, events, and world as we know it would still be shut down and/or not returning back to the world we envisioned our business to exist in. There is nothing quite like bringing a novelty product to market based on social settings, humor, and a good time during a historic world pandemic.

With everything that has happened this year, we have been forced for the better, to reflect on what this business really means to us. From the moment we agreed to build this brand, we knew that this isn’t something you try until it gets too difficult. This wasn’t something that was going to happen overnight. That was never the point. The point was to work hard, learn, fail, grow, build, fail again, innovate, and create. The point was to push us to be better and embrace challenges, while calling our setbacks, “character building”, along the way. The point was to inspire and bring people a smile at any cost because you never know when the world or life is going to dramatically change. The point was to not half ass anything. Not today, not this year, not ever. It is when we genuinely approach our work with that attitude that we bring this world and the people we meet, the best of what we have to offer.

With that being said, welcome to Don’t Half Ass Anything.

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  • Jake S

    The new website looks great gentlemen. This was an amazing article that has me excited for what you boys plan to do with this company in the future. Keep up the good work and don’t half ass anything!

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